Liquid player Eric “adreN” Hoag has been handed a two-day ban from ESEA for a “Pro League Conduct Policy Violation,” in this case excessive pausing of an official ESEA ESL Pro League match.

In a world where DDOS attacks are a recurring and daily phenomenon, in-game pauses occasionally go beyond their desired limit as affected players seek ways to reconnect to the game.

However, with tournaments such as the ESEA ESL Pro League increasingly depending on streamlined schedules in order to appeal to viewers who are expecting on-time matches, the amount of leeway given to pauses is usually only limited to ones relating to a tactical nature.

The ESEA League rules themselves specify teams being “limited to 1 pause per each regulation period and 1 pause per each overtime set,” but it is not fully clear if these rules directly extend to the Pro League itself.

adreN receives a two-day ban from ESEA

In any case, issues relating to DDOS and match pauses came to an unfortunate head last night, when a match between Liquid and eLevate saw Liquid player Kyle “flowsicK” Mendez suffer from connection issues.

As a result, Liquid captain Eric “adreN” Hoag attempted to pause the match more than once, which eLevate agreed to in word. However, ESEA decided to ban the player for the pauses, which can be seen on Hoag’s profile as a “Pro league Conduct Policy Violation.”