ALTERNATE have qualified for DreamHack Stockholm by winning the online qualifier organized by FACEIT with a 16-7 win over FiMAGi on de_cache.

A whopping 256 teams took part in the one day online qualifier that started at 14:00, and was played out in its entirety using a single elimination best-of-one format.

Though some known teams such as 3DMAX, dAT, Refuse, Unwanted and Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev‘s mix team were knocked out early as well, most of the favorites made it into the quarter-finals.

In the quarter-finals mousesports were knocked out by ALTERNATE in overtime on de_cache, while Andreas “schneider” Lindberg andDennis “dennis” Edman‘s FiMAGi took down dAT.

gob b represented his long time rivals ALTERNATE

Semi-finals saw the two previously mentioned teams prevail over BZSX and myXMG, setting up a grand final showdown between them for the final spot at DreamHack Stockholm.

FiMAGi, who had previously knocked out teams such as 3DMAX, dAT and BZSX came into the match as underdogs, and only managed to score seven rounds on the defensive side of de_cache.

Fatih “gob b” Dayik‘s ALTERNATE then completely shut down the Swedish mixteam after switching sides, scoring eight straight rounds to win 16-7 and book a spot at the event next week.

DreamHack Stockholm ..

FACEIT DreamHack Stockholm qualifier:

1. ALTERNATE – qualified for DreamHack Stockholm
2. FiMAGi
3-4. myXMG
3-4. BZSX

ALTERNATE will be joining five previously invited teams at DreamHack Stockholm, with two more spots yet to be filled by the organizers of the event:

NiP fnatic Titan

The eight squads will go head-to-head for $30,000 on September 25-26, and will be on-site at the event to provide you with full coverage of the tournament.