Balkan SuperLeague announced and will be hosting an online tournament taking place throughout April and May which will feature eight Balkan teams competing for $1,000.

The Balkan SuperLeague will pit eight Balkan region teams versus each other in a round-robin group stage, fighting over $1,000 in prize money. The tournament will be run by and sponsored by All group stage matches will be in a best-of-one format.


A number of online tournaments showcasing the Balkan region have taken place in previous months, including Balkan Rising Stars and the Skillage Balkan Championship, which can only be a sign of strong growth in the region CS:GO-wise.

After each team has played seven games, the top four teams from the group will advance to a best-of-three playoff series.

The prize breakdown is as follows:

1. – $800
2. – $200

The eight participating teams have already been determined:

GPlay neXtPlease!
volgare GIANT5

The map pool and veto system reflect the standard of most current tournaments. Additionally, a schedule giving timeframes for each set of round-robin matches has been published:

Round 1 April 13th-16th
Round 2 April 17th-20th
Round 3 April 21st-24th
Round 4 April 25th-28th
Round 5 April 29th-May 2nd
Round 6 May 3rd-6th
Round 7 May 7th-10th
Semifinal May 11th-14th
Final May 15th
Further information including available streams for the Balkan SuperLeague will be found on the match pages as they arise.

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