FlipSid3 Tactics player Vlаdуslаv “bondik” Nеchуроrchuk has been given the green light by doctors to attend DreamHack Summer this weekend.

Earlier on Wednesday, a report by The Daily Dot revealed that the Ukrainian player could spend a few weeks on the sidelines after being diagnosed with a throat infection called quinsy, which makes it difficult for a person to breathe or swallow.

With DreamHack Open Summer taking place this weekend, it was feared that FlipSid3 Tactics would have to field a substitute player at the Swedish event to give Vlаdуslаv “bondik” Nеchуроrchuk enough time to rest as the team will also attend the CIS ESWC qualifiers and possibility the SLTV StarSeries finals in the coming weeks.

bondik will attend DH Summer this weekend

But even though Nеchуроrchuk sat out of his team’s official matches today, the player stressed that doctors have given him the green light to compete as the infection was detected at an early stage.

“I am feeling much better,” he told HLTV.org. “I had a sudden fever on Monday, and I was too ill to play the rest of the matches that night.

“I went to the doctor first thing Tuesday, who gave me some antibiotics, no surgery or anything like that. My fever is already almost gone, just some throat pain left, which is why I am still sitting out of matches today.

“The plan was always for me to go to these lans, we simply decided as a team it was best for me to rest these few days to make sure I was 100% healthy for the tournaments.

“I am very lucky this was only a mild case of quinsy. Thank you so much for everyone for your concern, and a huge thank you to SLTV, Faceit, GO:CL and ESEA/ESL for understanding the last minute roster changes, and of course to our fans for the continued support!”

FlipSid3 Tactics have been drawn in Group A of DreamHack Summer, alongside fnatic, Titan and LGB eSports.