CLG have defeated their regional rivals eLevate with a score of 2-1 to take first place the CEVO-P Season 6 finals at the arena in Columbus, Ohio.

Four teams spent the last three days battling it out for a share of the $11,722 prize purse in CEVO’s sixth season of their professional league.

With an upscaled finals location change at the arena and prize-pool increase from their fifth season, the Season 6 finals were touted as a chance to determine one of North America’s best teams, sans the presence of Cloud9 and Liquid at the event.

hazed & co. wouldn’t be CLG without a love of close and tense games

CLG, seen by many as the favourites, managed to battle their way into the grand finals in convincing fashion.

After dismantling up-and-coming squad Nihilum in the lower bracket finals, eLevate—who are attending the event with high-powered stand-ins Spencer “Hiko” Martin and Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham—rose to the challenge of locking horns with CLG once again in this tournament.

CEVO Professional Se..

In the grand final, the first map was de_cache and saw eLevate grind out a win, taking the map into 30 rounds (16:14) despite a convincing opener of a T-side. All indications were that this series was going to be a close contest.

On the second map of de_dust2, the voraciously momentum-based CLG were able to close out the map at 16:12, although charismatic AWPer Peter “ptr” Gurney was seen having some struggles with the Big Green.

Skadoodle brought enhanced firepower to eLevate, but it wasn’t enough to win a final

The final map was de_nuke, which has been much maligned as of late and is currently enjoying its Indian summer as the map is slowly being replaced by de_train per Valve’s original motivation.

As is characteristic of nuke, the series saw insanely CT-sided halves (14:1 each side) which led to an overtime. It was in overtime that Stephen “reltuC” Cutler and his men finally created a Terrorist-sided impetus and closed out the series, precluding the need to play a second best-of-three.

CEVO Professional Se..

The final results are as follows:

1. CLG – $5,861
2. eLevate – $2,930
3. Nihilum – $1,758
4. Luminosity – $1,172

The CEVO-P Season 6 LAN finals have now come to a close, but there is much to look forward to as a significantly buffed CEVO Season 7 promises to bring European teams and a $135,000 prize-pool back to the arena in July.

Source: HLTV