Copenhagen Wolves and HellRaisers have qualified for DreamHack Stockholm, which serves as an offline qualifier for the next major, DreamHack Cluj, from the first dual-stage qualifier.

The first European qualifier for DreamHack Stockholm started off with an open stage, where more than 500 teams battled for eight spots in the closed stage alongside eight invited squads.

Today the sixteen were placed in a best-of-three bracket, and it was k1ck, Copenhagen Wolves, HellRaisers and SK Gaming, who fought in the semi-finals for two DreamHack Stockholm spots.

In the end, the new Norwegian-Swedish Copenhagen Wolves and HellRaisers prevailed over their competition in k1ck and SK Gaming, respectively, and we will see them fighting in Stockholm on September 22-26 for a place at the major.

The new Copenhagen Wolves team is going to Stockholm

Meanwhile, the losing sides from round of 16 had to fight their way through a best-of-one placement tournament, which would decide the remaining two spots for the second closed qualifier.

dignitas and Torpedo, featuring former Lemondogs players, were the ones to grab another chance at DreamHack Stockholm, as they advanced to the second closed qualifier.

These are the eight teams, who will join eight more coming from the open qualifier on Sunday, September 13:

Reason PENTA Dobry&Gaming London Conspiracy
SK Gaming k1ck dignitas Torpedo

A full list showing teams that have already secured a spot at DH Stockholm is following:

CLG FlipSid3 Renegades Cloud9
mousesports Titan Immunity eBettle
QeeYou CPH Wolves HellRaisers EU qual. #2
EU qual. #2 EU qual. #2 NA qual. NA qual.

The second European qualifier for DreamHack Stockholm will feature the exact same system, but this time with three spots up for grabs, with the open stage kicking off on Saturday, September 12.