Hours before ESWC 2015 commenced, news broke that former fnatic player (and also former fnatic coach) Jonatan “Devilwalk” Lundberg had signed to Luminosity Gaming. The signing effectively meant that Lundberg would be moving from Sweden to the team’s gaming house in Canada.

Luminosity leave ESWC 2015 with a disappointing 0-3 record, albeit with some moments of promise. We caught up with Lundberg in the winding-down moments of the event in order to get his thoughts on his involvement in 1337 team, his team’s performance at ESWC, and the future.

You returned to competitive play with 1337 team, however that soon fell apart. Can you tell us what happened within the team which led to the disintegration following their run with stand-ins during the ESL One Cologne EU pre-qualifier?

Well basically, people had planned vacations–we did pretty well in the beginning, we had good results, even beating Na`Vi 16-4 on de_cbble online. Due to the planned vacations, we were unfortunate in that the online pre-qualifier for the major was scheduled during that same time, meaning we couldn’t play.

Twist and zende decided to mix it which was totally fine, however we made a bad mistake in that we didn’t know you had to have 3 players in order to move through with the same lineup and I was travelling at the time and doing a few casting gigs.

Did the team let you know that they would be moving forward with their stand-ins? How did it break down?

The way it broke down was a major misunderstanding. I never got kicked technically, that’s the point. But since we couldn’t play with the original lineup at the offline qualifier, they decided to play with the mix they used and use that mix at the major assuming they qualified which was totally fine with me.

Devilwalk talked to HLTV.org after the groupstage

In that case, how did you get in contact with Luminosity? How did this whole thing come together, including coming to Canada?

It was really random, in fact it came down to ESL making a mistake at ESL ESEA Season 1 where they basically paired me and LeX together in a room even though he’s a player and I’m a caster. We got to know each other and talk, I felt like they [Luminosity] were super awesome guys and I hung out with them a lot but at that time we never had talks about me playing for them or anything like that.

When they flew home, I saw a newspost that I got kicked from 1337 so I contacted LeX like “what’s up dude?” After awhile they went to their flights, the owner contacted me, we talked for a bit and we eventually came to a conclusion and a deal was made. We just had to wait on the acceptance of all the players, which they agreed to.

Was it already understood that you were going to come to Canada to play at ESWC?

It was the players’ choice. I said “if you want to have me there, I won’t be in the form of my life but it’s fine if you do.”

And have you moved into the house in Toronto?

I’m already living in the house in Toronto. I came here two days ago and had 3 hours of sleep on the first night, and 5 hour train after that here to Montreal. We practiced four maps together, so literally during this event I’ve been like “where do we hold?”

But after this we’re going to structure things way differently than we have now; I don’t feel like we’re utilising every player in the best possible way so I’m going to structure that and we’ll all start from scratch and build from there. There’s still positives we can take with us: we do well on pistol rounds and converting ecos into gun rounds. We still felt in control against the teams we played, we never felt like we were dominated.

A lot of the players at the Luminosity Gaming house stream, is that something you will be doing now too?

Yeah, I will be streaming a lot and I will be posting a weekly video about what we’ve discussed. The first one comes out after this event so I’ll discuss what we’re changing, how we’re changing, why we’re changing. It’s gonna be a weekly V-log basically.

Do you have any shoutouts or people to thank?

Shoutouts to the players and owner of Luminosity, and to all their sponsors. I am extremely happy to be able to play again and to be able to play with four guys who trust in their own abilities. Even though we might not be on point right now, we believe in the future, we believe in the project, it’s just an amazing thing to be a part of.