DreamHack have announced details for the European pre-qualifiers, which will take place online and then at DreamHack Open Stockholm in anticipation of the next CS:GO major at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

The announcement of the next CS:GO major, which will be run by DreamHack and PGL at the former organisation’s Open stop in Cluj-Napoca, Romania on October 28-November 1, saw the top eight finishers at ESL One Cologne 2015 automatically qualify, as per usual.

The remaining eight spots at DH Open Cluj-Napoca were announced to be determined via a combination of the 9-16th place finishers at ESL One Cologne as well as eight teams that would advance to the offline qualifier via an online qualifying stage. The 9-16th place finishers are once again:

CLG  FlipSid3 Tactics
 Renegades  Cloud9
 mousesports  Titan
 Immunity  Team eBettle

The offline qualifier, with the 16 teams mentioned above, is to take place at DreamHack Open Stockholm on September 22-26, which has been restructured as the major’s offline qualifier, and will take place at two separate locations over the five days: Monster Energy DreamHack Studios and the Annexet Stockholm Globe Arena.

A long road awaits for teams that wish to compete at the Polyvalent Hall in Cluj-Napoca

DreamHack have now announced the European online pre-qualifiers, which will determine five of the eight teams to qualify for the Stockholm qualifier, with the other three spots going to North America and Asia.

Two online pre-qualifiers will take place over the coming two weekends, each one featuring an open stage and a closed stage. The open stage will be open to all European teams and feature a single-elimination, best-of-one bracket from which eight teams will advance to the closed stage.

Eight pre-seeded teams will then join the open stage eight to face off in the closed stage, which will see a single elimination, best-of-three bracket take place. The info for pre-qualifier #1 can be found below:

Qualifier #1: Sep. 5-6 – 2 spots to Stockholm
Sep. 5 14:00 Open Stage 512 teams
Sep. 6 12:00 Closed Stage 8 teams from open stage + 8 invited teams

The invited teams for the closed stage are as follows:

HellRaisers dignitas
Reason Dobry Gaming
CPH Wolves Space Soldiers

The info for pre-qualifier #2, which takes place the following weekend, can also be found below:

Qualifier #2: Sep. 12-13 – 3 spots to Stockholm
Sep. 12 14:00 Open Stage 512 teams
Sep. 13 12:00 Closed Stage 8 teams from open stage + 8 pre-qual. #1 teams

All pre-qualifiers will be hosted on FACEIT’s servers and services. Sign-ups for both open stage pre-qualifiers can be found on this page and by scrolling down to the signup section.