The final regional qualifier for DreamHack Open Stockholm, which is acting as the official offline qualifier for CS:GO major DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, is announced in North America and will offer two spots.

With DreamHack running its online qualification stages for DreamHack Open Stockholm, which is a mere three weeks away, the organisation wasted no time publishing the qualification information in rapidfire succession for all three regions.

The North American region was last in line and will have a qualifier that gives out two spots to the Stockholm offline qualifier, from which eight teams will advance to the major itself in late October.

Team Liquid are one of the four invited teams to the closed stage of the qualifier

Much like the European and Asian regions, the North American qualifier will be split into an open and closed stage of play.

The open stage will feature 256 teams in best-of-one, single elimination bracket, from which four teams will advance to the best-of-three single elimination closed stage, where they will meet four pre-seeded and invited teams.

The schedule for the qualifiers can be found below:

Sep. 8-11 – 2 spots to Stockholm
Sep. 8 03:00 Open Stage 256 teams
Sep. 9 03:00 Open Stage Round-of-32 and up
Sep. 11 02:00 Closed Stage 4 teams from open stage + 4 invited teams

The four invited teams are as follows:

Liquid compLexity Sponsorless Mythic

As is the case with the European and Asian pre-qualifiers, the teams which receive the two North American spots will have their travel and accommodation to DreamHack Open Stockholm fully provided for.

Interested teams can sign up here for the 256-team open qualifier.