After announcing the European pre-qualifiers, DreamHack also revealed the qualifier system for the Asian region, which will hand out a single spot for DreamHack Open Stockholm.

As we’ve highlighted in the previous article concering the European pre-qualifiers, DreamHack Open Stockholm will serve as the offline qualifier for the next major, DreamHack Cluj-Napoca.

Eight spots in Stockholm are already decided, as the bottom eight from ESL One Cologne received a direct invite, five more will come through the two European pre-qualifiers, one will come in from Asia and the remaining two will be handed to North America.

zhonG’s QeeYou will get another chance to qualify for a major

DreamHack have now announced the qualifiying system for Asia, which will once again feature a best-of-one open stage for 256 teams. From there four advance to the best-of-three closed stage, joining four invited teams, as shown in the table below:

Sep. 5-6 – 1 spot to Stockholm
Sep. 5 07:00 Open Stage 256 teams
Sep. 6 08:00 Closed Stage 4 teams from open stage + 4 invited teams

The four invited for the closed stage are top sides from China, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia:

QeeYou myRevenge Skyred MVP.Karnal

The pre-qualifier will be hosted by FACEIT, teams interested in taking part in the open stage can register here.