At the end of last year’s ESEC LAN Finals in BelExpoCentar, we announced a global tournament akin to ESEC.

After months of rigorous work, we at, together with hitbox, proudly announce

The World Championships!

$100,000+ will be given out to the finest players of the world, each of them representing not themselves, but principally their mother country. Amongst other things, crowdfunding will be available and every contribution will be rewarded with official merchandise.

Apart from all the matches being broadcasted by E-FragTV live from our studio with guests from the CS:GO scene and community, broadcasts in foreign languages will be available as well on hitbox.

Qualification for each continent – Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania will be held throughout the year separately, of which the sixteen very best nations will be invited to attend The 2015 World Championship.

Sava Centar, Belgrade

Sava Centar

As is tradition, the players and managers of the 16 LAN qualified countries will be competing in Belgrade, this year in Sava Centar, during the 8th – 11th October, 2015. To eliminate further issues, all of the qualified nations‘ travel and accomodation costs will be covered by our fund. With the announcement, we are also calling out to people who are experienced in the field of eSports. We believe that every team shall have a proper manager and supervisor, who will, in cooperation with us, ensure the welfare of the team during the whole tournament.

The applications for a manager position of each country are available here

Last year’s ESEC managers and people involved in their country’s eSports federations and associations will be prioritized.

Last year’s ESEC and the upcoming World Championships bring something unique to the CS:GO scene. A true nations based tournament, uniting some of the best players from around the globe. Extraordinary matchups will be a regular occurrence, with lineups you previously only were able to see in fantasy drafts. It goes without saying that we are enormously excited to see all this action live and exclusive on hitbox.
Daniel Leberl, CCO hitbox

We will announce our partners and more information soon, shortly after the selection of team managers.