ESEA has announced that it has handed out eight invitations for the European ESWC qualifier.

From October 2-5, ESEA will be hosting the male European ESWC qualifier, which will reward the top three teams with spots at the French event later that month.

The qualifier will be limited to 64 teams, and it is worth noting that teams from countries that have national or regional qualifiers will not be able to sign up.


ESEA will not be providing financial support to the teams who qualify for the ESWC finals, which means that the winning sids will have to gather the funds to able to attend the event in Paris.

The organisers of the qualifier have now revealed which eight teams have been invited for the tournament. These sides will be seeded 1-8 in the bracket. You can find them below:

mousesports ALTERNATE
Orbit ESC Gaming
The Lone Rangers Property
3DMAX Recursive


To sign up for the qualifier, head over here. Registration will be closed on October 1.