Swedish powerhouse Sweden Fnatic will have to beat surprise from Group A  Germany PENTA which eliminated  France Titan and  Norway LGB eSports to go trough.

On their way to quarterfinals  Sweden Fnatic won Australia Vox Eminor with convincingly 16:03 and later on  UkraineNa’Vi with 16:07. This allowed team quick finish of day 1 and more than enough time to scout other potential opponents and prepare for day 2 and elimination bo3 matches.

Germany PENTA had much harder day but with same level of success. They lost to Norway LGB eSports with taking only 3 rounds and dropping to lower bracket of the group. There was  France Titan waiting for them but  Germany PENTA played well on de_cache and won surprisingly easy with 16:04! After kicking  France Titan out of the Major their next opponent was  Norway LGB eSports to whom they already lost. However in this match tables were turned and  Germany PENTA managed to win the game with 16:12 on de_dust2 and qualify for next round.


Poland Virtus.Pro will have to go against another surprise of event  Brasil Keyd Stars which managed to beat USA Couter Logic Gaming and Russia HellRaisers.

As clear favorite in Group D  Poland Virtus.Pro easily past by Finland 3DMAX with final score of 16:05. While other winner bracket match was much more intense they finally got their opponents in USA Cloud9 squad. USA Cloud9 appeared to be much tougher opponent but not tough enough as  Poland Virtus.Pro won with 16:11 and qualified for single elimination bracket.

Brasil Keyd Stars were dark horse of even with no much chance given to advance as they had  Sweden NiP, USA CLG and HR for opponents. While losing to  Sweden NiP 16:09 they managed to get themselves to play better and win against favorite Russia HellRaisers with 16:12! This win gave them a chance to advance trough but one more win was a must. Their next opponent was USA Counter Logic Gaming who lost 16:07 to  Sweden NiP.  Brasil Keyd Stars managed to win with surprisingly 16:08 and qualify for next round.

France Team Envy.US will have to prove themselves against  Ukraine Natus Vincere which after bad game versus  Sweden Fnatic managed to beat Australia Vox Eminor quite convincingly 16:03 on de_inferno to qualify for playoffs.

France Team Envy.US played first match of the day in Katowice against another French team  France Titan. While good match was expected they managed to make it even better. With totally unexpected map chosen de_cobblestone match was played in whole 30 rounds, with  France Team Envy.US taking the win 16:14. After winning over France Titan their next opponent was  Norway LGB eSports which didn’t manage to surprise them and with score 16:08 qualify for day 2.

Ukraine Na.Vi was clear 2nd favorite in Group A with  Sweden Fnatic being 1st favorite. In first match they met Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics and simply cruised by with more than convincing with of 16:02. As winner in first upper bracket match their next rival was  Sweden Fnatic which gave them quite a beating of 16:07. Even though the score doesn’t show it was much easier for  Sweden Fnatic to take this map. Being dropped to lower bracket they got Ukraine Na’Vi showed their real potential and won 16:03 on de_inferno.


In last match we will have last major finalist  Sweden NiP in probably most interesting match up where they will meet Denmark Team Solo Mid.

As clear favorites in Group C  Sweden NiP didn’t disappoint. They won against  Brasil Keyd Stars 16:09 and moved to 2nd match in upper bracket. There they got USA CLG which barely edged Russia HellRaisers but once again it was easy match for  Sweden NiP who won it with 16:07 and qualified for day 2.

Denmark TSM being standard team in single elimination on big events had a slight advantage over USA Cloud9. In their first game they lost to USA Cloud9 in nail biting ending with 16:14 score and dropped to lower bracket. There was Finland 3DMAX waiting for them but they managed to rise their level of play and win comfortably with 16:10. In next match they again matched up with USA Cloud9 but this time it was a different story.  Denmark TSM was convincing on de_overpass and won the game with 16:08 which brought them one more Top 8 finish in Majors.


Sweden Fnatic -vs- Germany PENTA
Poland Virtus.Pro -vs- Brasil Keyd Stars
France Team Envy.US -vs- Ukraine Natus Vincere
Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas -vs- Denmark TSM Kinguin
All games will be played in best of 3 format which means that team has to win 2 map’s in order to advance trough.

Matches are starting at 13:00 CET so there is whole day of excellent Counter-Strike!

You can follow matches live by visiting official stream on of two official streams: Stream #1 / Stream 2.