The second best side from Czech Republic and Slovakia, eSuba, decided to swap Karel “fredi” Královec for nEophyte’s former, David “KAPARZO” Lacina.

eSuba and nEophyte (now known as Fraternitas) exchanged two local titles over the course of summer, as the former picked up a win at ASUS FINALS, while the latter took revenge at LanCraft 2015.

Long-time member Karel “fredi” Královec has reportedly grown unhappy with the team, which resulted into him parting ways with eSuba after mutual agreement.

KAPARZO stood in for eSuba at LanCraft 2015 (photo courtesy of eSuba)

Replacing the Czech will be sniper David “KAPARZO” Lacina, who had a short spell in a European mixture WestCoastPirates featuring Stian “centeks” Ledal, and previously played with most members of current Fraternitas.

Královec has already moved on and is currently trying to form a new lineup called BEASTS alongside Slovakian veteran and Fraternitas coach, Peter “uno” Lipowski.

eSuba now are:

Tomáš “benq1” Masaryk
David “KAPARZO” Lacina
Radoslav “rdO” Tóth
Luboš “HenkkyG” Ilko
Martin “MonttY” Melíšek