CSGames.pl has announced that the Central European qualifier for the ESWC finals has been called off.

The tournament was scheduled to take place next week at the Złote Tarasy commercial complex, in the centre of Warsaw, with eight teams from Central and Southern Europe contesting the spot at the event in Montreal.

The controversy surrounding the Polish event began with the initial announcement as Team Kinguin were one of the six sides who received invitations despite the fact that only two of their players were actually eligible to take part in the qualifier.

Shortly after, it was revealed that the initial location for the tournament was no longer viable. Contacted by HLTV.org, CSGames.pl stressed that the qualifier was still taking place and that the Warsaw International Expo Centre was the new venue.

Yet another ESWC qualifier has been called off

But last weekend, CSGames.pl faced fresh criticism following countless problems and dubious referee decisions during the online preliminary qualifier, which sparked a topic that made it to the top of the CS:GO subreddit.

This morning, the Polish company issued a statement confirming what many were fearing as the qualifier has been called off.

“Unfortunately, we are very sorry – we faced a number of problems concerning almost all organizational aspects of the ESWC qualifier,” CSGames.pl project manager Arkadiusz Madej said in a statement.

“We tried everything until the last minute to be able to organize to event. We tried to implement a plan B or even a plan C.

“We were forced to decide to cancel the qualifier.”

This is the second ESWC qualifier to be cancelled in just 72 hours. Last week, it was revealed that the Nordic European qualifier, which was supposed to be hosted by LionSEK, had been called off.

It is still unclear what will happen with the spot that was going to be awarded to the winner of the Central European qualifier. Contacted by HLTV.org, ESWC indicated that a statement on this matter will be released shortly.