North American organisation Renegades have announced that they have ventured into Counter-Strike by completing the signing of the former Vox Eminor team.

Previously known as Misfits, Renegades boast a well-known League of Legends team, who are competing in the North American Challenger Series division, the second-highest league in the region, just behind the LCS.

In addition to welcoming former CLG coach Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles as their new co-owner, Renegades have expanded to CS:GO by signing Vox Eminor’s team, who recently raised eyebrows at the Gfinity Masters as they beat Team Liquid and took a map off fnatic.

SPUNJ’s team sign for Renegades

The move to a North American organisation will certainly fuel talk that the team could soon move to this region to be closer to the biggest events and to compete in online tournaments like the ESL ESEA Pro League and CEVO Professional.

“Vox won the hearts of fans with their personalities and strong results against top teams at recent events, even though none of the players currently practice full-time,” Renegades said in a statement.

“We hope that by bringing the team on salary, with the help of our sponsor AlphaDraft, they will continue to refine and improve their play in the coming months.”

The Australian team’s first event under Renegades will be the ESWC finals, in Montreal, from July 9-12, where they will be hoping to get a piece of the $75,000 prize pool.

Renegade’s CS:GO team consist of:

Luke “Havoc” Paton
Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill
Justin “jks” Savage
Aaron “AZR” Ward
Yaman “Yam” Ergenekon