fnatic have won fb Masters Season 3 with a 3-1 (16-9 de_dust2, 16-6 de_mirage, 16-19 de_inferno, 16-11 de_overpass) win over LDLC in the grand finals for 160,000 SEK (~$21,600).

Opening map of the grand final saw Robin “flusha” Rönnquist and Jesper “JW” Wecksell wreak havoc on LDLC, who scored eight defensive rounds on de_dust2, only to lose 9-16.

On de_mirage it was time for Olof “olofm” Kajbjer to shine with +19, though Wecksell was once again impressive, helping fnatic to ten offensive rounds in a 16-6 victory.

pronax’s fnatic win yet another tournament

LDLC kept their hopes alive by taking home de_inferno after a neat comeback to force overtime on the terrorist side from a 11-15 score, winning 19-16 overall.

fnatic could not be denied any longer though, as the Swedes proved their superiority by clinching yet another championship with a 16-11 scoreline on de_overpass.

Fragbite Masters Season 3
 fnatic 3

Fragbite Masters Season 3 final standings:

1.  fnatic – 160,000 SEK (~$21,600) + 15,000 SEK (~$2,000)
2.  LDLC – 80,000 SEK (~$10,800) + 15,000 SEK (~$2,000)
3.  Virtus.pro – 40,000 SEK (~$5,400) + 15,000 SEK (~$2,000)
4.  dignitas – 20,000 SEK (~$2,700) + 15,000 SEK (~$2,000)

fnatic, LDLC and Virtus.pro will all be on show in Caseking King of Kings tournament, to be held online throughout the next week. All four will also be at DreamHack Winter.