Swedish site Fragbite.se announced new third season for Fragbite Masters in CSGO. Event will have only two games compared to played ones which had three. This time Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be available for participation.

CSGO will have €33.000 prize pool while SC:HoS will be rewarded with €16.000 prize pool.

New addition to event is that finals are being moved from Online to LAN which will increase quality of final games and make it better for viewership as players will be able to play in same conditions in front of their fans.

Statement from Fragbite:
“We have chosen to invest 60 000 SEK into travel support for the teams and players as we want to emphasize the fact that anyone, no matter conditions and sponsorships, have a chance to win our tournament even though the finals aren’t online anymore”, Pontus Eskilsson, head of Fragbite Masters, says.

More information on schedule and participating teams/players will be known soon.