Following the recent bans related to Valve Anti-Cheat, or VAC Ban, shook off the scene CS:GO International, Joey “fxy0” Schlosser returns Millenium these cases cheating discovered by Valve.
He mentions his suspicions about the cheaters from the scene, his reaction upon discovering that Gordon “Sf” Giry was pinned by VAC Ban, and the measures to be taken to counter the growing number of cheaters on Counter-Strike.

Interview fxy0 by [M] Laemey


Interview is in French so here’s the translation:

First of all thank you fxy0 for answering our interview request.

Q : How are you ?

A: I’m fine and I just got back after the atomic bomb that landed recently.

Then the interviewer comes back on the recent event in the life of fxy0/Epsilon. The fact that he was laid off and then had to come back with epsilon to play in dreamhack winter thanks to valve ruling. But then sf got vac banned and that’s the end of dreamhack for epsilon.

Q: How does this event affect you ?

A: We were with GMX at the hotel when we heard about KQLY’s vac ban, which does not surprise me at all as I had been suspecting it for two years. Many people had a lot of suspicion about him but they still played with him nevertheless. Finally valve was doing it’s job. However about Sf’s ban that I wasn’t expecting it at all at first I thought that it was a joke. Me and my team never suspected it.

Q:Do you believe in KQLY’s story about just trying once the cheat ?

A: That’s completly false I can say that for sure. For me he was cheating since Gamer’s assembly 2013. I’m 100% sure about that and that he was cheating on all events. Though I’m not sure if he was cheating hard at every events. He had an aimkey that made his next lmb1 headshot. Now that he has been caught red handed he still lies about it and I find that extremely sad. ( Here fxy0 repeats a lot that he is sure of himself about KQLY’s cheat)

Q: Now about that do you know that there are rumors about a list of pro players who cheat, like flusha, do you believe it ?

A: I don’t really know however I know that jw cheated at the beginning of the game against the team golden 5. Even taz neo and pasha said that JW’s team (hellslayers?) was cheating on hltv and there had been a bust video about it. So it’s sure that JW has cheated at least once but at the time he was not vac banned because of valve most certainly. Now about these rumors I don’t really know I can still say that flusha’s move on Dust2 is fishy (where his aim goes on the head of the ennemy player through the box). That’s strange because he has no info.

I hope that valve will do some work about it before the event. I don’t know how it will go because of the announced teams and stickers. All of that isn’t really clear.

Q: Do you think that it is fair for a whole team to be disqualified because of one player only ?

A: Even though it pisses me off to not be able to play because of this I have to say that it is fair. If one guy gets busted all the team must go down. I’m taking here Titan as exemple which is disqualified because of KQLY’s bust. Why were they qualified ? Because they have three players from the same team, LDLC, which had won the invitational with KQLY who got busted. Qualified by a cheater.

Q: I agree. Now talking about LDLC which is the only french team without cheater. What’s your opinion on it ?

A: I don’t think so. Some people are saying that kioshima is cheating but I don’t know I don’t think so. But then he emptied his inventory nevertheless I don’t think that any player on LDLC is cheating. However I can be wrong. I was sure about one french player and that’s AREA and isn’t that strange his best friend is KQLY. No one can hide his cheat for ever. I find it fair for a team with a cheater to be disqualified.

Q: Cheating on CS even on CS 1.6 has always been around. DO you think that valve is clearing the game with all that hasn’t been done previously ?

A: For me valve doesn’t give a fuck about it. They started doing analysis after emilio and smn’s bans. I played them and then I said that they were cheating. One week after came emilio’s ban (vac ban) and one month later came smn’s ban (ESEA’s ban). So here I’d say they didn’t have the same cheat. So a tiny platform compared to valve has a more efficient AC and that is for me either valve not giving a fuck either a lack of coding skill. Top level counter strike is 1% so then the rest is casual or semi-pro and then when a cheater in the 99% gets banned he will give more money to valve because of him buying a new account.

Now we have to know what we want either a clean game without cheat like LoL either valve wants to make money on it. If we want to make a good e-sport we/valve have to react now. We can’t go on like this

Q: It’s a good thing that valve is reacting even if it’s late ?

A: It’s a good thing. Exactly it’s late because it has been going on for a while. The problem now is that when we are playing doubt will be hanging around the players’ heads. Every fishy kill can be source of questions. We have to avoid that with a very efficient AC. Like by hiring coders dedicated only to AC. valve has the money for that.

More to come…