GPlay have become the last team to secure a place at the StarSeries XIII finals after seeing off x6tence 2-0 (16-8 on de_cache and 16-4 on de_mirage).

Following Titan’s withdrawal from the StarSeries finals due to personal issues, the last spot at the Ukrainian event was contested by the two teams who had finished at the bottom of the groups during the second group stage, GPlay and x6tence.

The Bulgarian side, who had been denied a place at the season finals by Gamers2, came out strongly in this last-chance qualifier and took a 1-0 lead after picking a 16-8 victory on de_cache.

GPlay to attend StarSeries finals

The map that followed was de_mirage, where GPlay simply ran riot as they quickly sealed a 16-4 triumph after closing the first half with a 13-2 lead.

The final list of participants for the StarSeries finals, which will take place next weekend, in Kiev, is the following:

Na`Vi  Gamers2
 EnVyUs  HellRaisers
 FlipSid3 Tactics  GPlay