Yesterday was final match day for ESL SEE Championship between Bulgarian GPlay and Serbian aimface CS:GO team in which Bulgarian squad has won 2:1 (3-16 de_mirage, 16-11 de_dust2, 16-4 de_cache) and won the ESL’s SouthEast Europe Championship with a prize of €650.


Sixteen regional teams were battling in the double-elimination best-of-three format group stage where two top teams were qualifying for playoffs. aimface, GPlay, Space Soldiers and neXtPlease came on top of their groups and BLACKBELT, ZajebaNi, WiLD and volgare were second seeded. aimface battled their way to the finals against volgare and Space where they were faced against GPlay who were better against WiLD and BLACKBELT. Serbs took the lead after de_mirage 13:16 but GPlay won the next two maps and took the €650 prize to their hands.