H2k-Gaming are looking for a new CS:GO team to support.

H2k have been away from the Counter-Strike scene since May 2014, when they parted ways with their Norwegian team, who would go on to represent London Conspiracy before joining LGB eSports.

Since then, H2k have focused on their League of Legends and Heartstone divisions, the first of which finished third in the EU LCS Spring playoffs, behind fnatic and Unicorns of Love.

Polly was part of the last team that represented H2k

In a statement to HLTV.org, H2k revealed that they are scouring the CS:GO scene for a team capable of bringing the organisation success in the long run as they look to fight on different fronts in esports.

“We are actively looking to support a CS:GO team we see a future with,” H2k Project Manager Mathias Johansen told HLTV.org.

“We have exchanged emails with a few teams already, but they ended up disbanding shortly after an offer was made.

“H2K has had a lot of success with League of Legends in 2015, and we want to continue our success with a CS:GO team who can represent H2K well.”

All teams interested in contacting H2k can do so via email to Mathias@H2k-Gaming.eu.