HellRaisers overpower mousesports in a best-of-seven grand final of Acer Predator Masters 4-3 (de_cache 12-16, de_dust2 16-9, de_overpass 14-16, de_train 16-13, de_cbble 16-10, de_mirage 16-10) and take the $20,000 main prize.

Due to coming from the upper bracket, mousesports had a one-map advantage from the start in the unique best-of-seven. The German side also got to veto a map in the beginning of the process, and chose to leave de_inferno out of the pool.

The Acer Predator Masters grand final’s first map was de_cache, and it was mousesports who kicked it off with a very convincing Counter-Terrorist side, topped off with four rounds, even though HellRaisers gave them a hard time in the beginning.

de_dust2 was a much taller task for Chris “chrisJ” de Jong’s team, who were unable to score more than four rounds on the slightly favoured CT side and ended up going down at 9-16 to make it 2-1 in the series.

HellRaisers showed their stamina in the unique format

HellRaisers seemed to be in good spirits after a confident 12-3 Terrorist side on de_overpass, but the tides turned when the sides swapped, and mousesports brought a single-round-better offence for 16-14.

de_train went HellRaisers’ way following close halves, and the CIS-based team broke the trend of exchanging maps, equalizing the series at 3-3 following a near-perfect Terrorist side on de_cbble.

Who would in the end take the title was decided on the last map remaining, de_mirage and once again HellRaisers showed a strong offence, taking seven rounds away from the Germany-based team, which was more than enough to seal the last map.

Acer Predator Masters powered by Intel Season 1 Finals standings:

1. HellRaisers – $20,000
2. mousesports – $10,000
3. E-Frag – $7,000
4. dignitas – $3,000
5-6. PENTA
5-6. SK
7-8. TSM