The Betting King is getting a revival and an upgrade, and embracing the future by cooperating with eSports betting company Unikrn. The Unikrn Betting King will continue the tradition of pitting our users against each other to finish the month with the most points, but will also reward the winner with TWO hardware prizes as well as 100 Unikoins to trade for real gear!

The Unikrn Arena currently supports six titles including Dota 2, CS:GO and HS

Unikrn launched its eSports betting company last year but it was not until recently they made light of the fact they had amassed an incredible $10,000,000 in investments (Learn more), with the help of the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban.

The Unikrn Vault app is soon to be released, and will be a key tool in helping you earn Unikoins, 100 of which are rewarded to this month’s winner. On Unikrn instead of purchasing credit, all you need to do is finish daily quests which are free of charge. The more quests you complete, which include completing surveys and commenting on games being played, the more Unikoins you can earn. Unikoins can then be exchanged them for prizes in the marketplace for gaming gear.

In the Unikrn Betting King all you need to do is bet on any given eSports match that we offer, similar to the previous format. Finish the month with the most points and you can be rewarded with a Zowie Gaming Mouse and a Cougar Gaming keyboard worth over 200 Euros, as well as 100 Unikoins you can trade for hardware on the Unikrn website