Edited by Radosław “MAKKU” Makuch – https://www.facebook.com/theMAKKU

HLTV.org’s own Radosław “MAKKU” Makuch compiled a highlight reel worth of over three minutes with frags from Australia’s star youngster Justin “jks” Savage.

With Vox Eminor’s rose to prominence, their youngest player Justin “jks” Savage has been improving his performances over the last couple of months, which culminated at his latest tournament, Gfinity Spring Masters II.

You can watch some of the best actions from his successful road throughout numerous LAN tournaments, beginning with the ESL One Cologne qualifier nearly a year ago. The following three-and-a-half-minute video also includes highlights from the offline ESL One Katowice qualifier, Azubu Australian Masters and Gfinity Spring Masters II.

Source: HLTV.org