In an event that will go down in infamy for reasons not pertaining to Counter-Strike, Kinguin have nonetheless won at Gaming Paradise 2015, defeating Na`Vi 2-0 (16-11 on de_mirage, with a one map advantage).

Gaming Paradise has been dominanting headlines in an unexpected manner, as much of the news centers more around delays, the payment of outstanding funds (or lack thereof), and illnesses rather than CS:GO action.

Nevertheless, teams remained determined to finish out the tournament, although the the consolidation final was transformed into a best-of-one and the grand final into a best-of-three in order to speed up the event with three of the remaining four teams looking to travel to Dubai the next day.

maikelele’s Kinguin hoist a W over Gaming Paradise

Ironically, for all the headache involved, the final few matches of Gaming Paradise actually saw intense games play out, with Kinguin edging out Titan in the upper bracket final 2-1, then Na`Vi defeating in an overtime thriller in the lower bracket final.

In the consolidation final, Na`Vi took another team to overtime, Richard “shox” Papillon’s Titan, and managed to emerge victorious. The grand final therefore saw the Russian-Ukrainian-Slovak team face off against Kinguin, with the latter team possessing a one map advantage.

With the second map of de_mirage stretching into the wee hours of 3 o’clock in the morning, Kinguin out-aimed and out-played Na`Vi with a score of 16-11, thereby winning the tournament and salvaging some good news out of the whole debacle.