A new German top team has been created under the name KLANLOS, featuring several high-profile players.

With the new EPS season looming, there has been a lot of transfer activity in the upper echelon of the German Counter-Strike scene as teams swap players with hopes of creating a hegemony in the country. mousesports, for example, made waves when they signed three players from PENTA Sports, who, in turn, brought on four new players, two of whom had already donned the team’s colours in the past.

With their future up in the balance, five talented players with plenty of EPS experience under their belts have rolled up their sleeves and created a new team that, on paper, have the potential to make their mark on the German scene.

crisby & co create a new team

Christian “crisby” Schmitt, Oliver “kzy” Heck and Kevin “keev” Bartholomäus were all part of the Playing Ducks team who finished third/fourth at ESL FM Germany earlier in the month. After the event, the players decided to go their separate ways, with André “Kirby” Kempa linking up with myXMG and taking the team’s ESL ESEA Premier division spot with him.

Rounding out KLANLOS’ roster are another former member of Playing Ducks, Andre “Andrue” Dangel, who returns to activity after a period away from the spotlight, and Patrick “gimpen” Heyer, formerly of myXMG and w4sp.

“We all know each other for several years now and have played together on a lot of teams,” Oliver “kzy” Heck told HLTV.org. “The exception in this case is gimpen, who is our newst addition.

“We share the same goals and mindset about the game. We all want to step up and play at the biggest tournaments, so we spend a lot of time with the game.

“To achieve our goals and attend events we need support. We have talked to a couple of organizations, but nothing is settled yet, which is why we are open to offers. We can be contacted at yassir.da.boss@gmail.com or via steam: crisby_the_one”

KLANLOS are on course to reach the next season of EPS Germany as they currently sit fourth in the Major Ladder, with four victories from as many matches.

The team’s lineup is the following:

Christian “crisby” Schmitt
 Oliver “kzy” Heck
 Kevin “keev” Bartholomäus
 Andre “Andrue” Dangel
 Patrick “gimpen” Heyer