Team NeckBREAK member Krishna “kriSSh” Salecha has received a ban via Valve’s anti-cheat service.

The latest wave of VAC bans to hit the Counter-Strike scene has caught one of India’s most accomplished players, Krishna “kriSSh” Salecha, who is currently plying his trade on Team NeckBREAK together with the likes of Tejas “Ace” Sawant and Ritesh “RiTz” Shah.

Salecha has attended a number of international events throughout his career, including the 2013 and 2014 editions of the ESWC finals, where he played for ATE Gaming and Virtual Impact, respectively.

kriSSh has reached out to Valve for ban clarification

Shortly after the news of his ban broke out, Salecha issued a statement issued on his Facebook page professing his innocence as he claims that his Steam account was logged in from an unknown computer. The player added that he has already contacted Valve for more details about his account’s login history.

“I came to know about my VAC ban this afternoon,” he wrote. “To be honest, I really do not know what happened.

“On the 16th, I played my match against Team Brutality from our bootcamp. Due to internet issues, we played our final match from a Cybercafe on the 17th (we lost all three maps). I did not log in on Steam after that, and I came back home to rest.

“My account was logged in from an unknown computer at 12.10 PM for five minutes. I have contacted Steam to get info on the IP address from where my accounted was logged in.

“Until I hear from them things are unknown for us. I am waiting for Steam to reverse the ban…”