The eleventh season of the SLTV StarSeries have concluded, with Team LDLC claiming the first place after winning an amazing grand final duel 3-2 against Natus Vincere.

The second day of SLTV StarSeries XI finals started with the loser’s match between Epsilon and Natus Vincere. The Ukranian team easily won this duel by winning both on inferno, 16-10, and overpass, 16-12. The next match was scheduled between Titan and Natus Vincere. The Ukranian team was once again dominant and they managed to win the consilidation match with the similiar score of 2-0. Titan just couldn’t pick on the pace, the only moment where they had a lead was on dust2 after the first half where they managed to wint as CT 9-6. However, Na’Vi easily made it into 16-10 for 1-0 and mirage, 16-11, to follow with 2-0.

The Grand Final duel saw once again Natus Vincere taking on one French team. They were hoping for a hat trick of the day, however Team LDLC was coming into this series with the map advantage since they won the upper bracket. The picks were made and the opening map was played on de_inferno. Team LDLC had a good half on T side with the score of 7-8, which they quickly capitalized into 16-9 and 2-0 lead in the finals. The next game was played on de_dust2 which was possibly the best game at this LAN finals. The French team took first half with 10-5 on CT side, where Na’Vi followed with the same in the second half making the result even 15-15. In the overtime Team LDLC had an advantage after the first switch with 2-1, but the Ukranians performed perfectly in the second one making it 3-0 and 19-17. Third map was a replay of their upper bracket duel, but this time Na’Vi came more prepared especially on T side. GuardiaN and co. took 8 rounds at T side which in the end was more than enough to score another point in this grand final series. The final score of de_overpass was 16-12 into Na’Vi’s favor. The deciding map was de_mirage. It’s considered as statisticly the best map of Natus Vincere. However, Team LDLC managed to stomp inside this map by taking the pistol round on T side and keep on rolling and breaking Na’Vi’s economy. After the first half the Ukranians were totaly beaten with 10-5 and they had to performe a lot better on a less favorite side of this map in other to at least get into the overtime. However, shoxie and his teammates once again denied Na’Vi  the pistol round making it hard for them to make any comeback and the final score was 16-6 for the French team.

1. France Team LDLC – $13,000
2. Ukraine Natus Vincere – $7,000
3. France Titan – $4,000
4. France Epsilon – $3,000