Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez has issued a statement on Facebook to comment on Tovmassian’s ban, admitting he cannot be sure whether his former team-mate cheated while playing for Titan or not.

Hello everybody. First of all, I want to apologize for my silence lately. I wanted to clear my thoughts and to avoid reacting in a very emotional way. Those recent days have been like an earthquake to me, so I’ll try to express myself in the most understandable and structured way. First, about KQLY ; Eventho I can’t be sure (and nobody can) in what mesure he used this cheat, I still can’t forgive him for taking such a tremendous risk for the team. If his version is true (that he just tested it) then I blame him for lack of consciouness. If he’s lying, then I simply have no words for it… You might call on me for being naive, but when I attended my first CS LANs (round about 2003), if a cheater was here, it was quite obvious. You either had speedhack, aimbot or wallhack and all those possibilites were not so hard to distinguish. Before I heard about this drama, I wasn’t even aware that you could just „boost your aim for 10%“ or something like this. In my head, if a player was performing in Non-BYOC tournament, then he was just a beast… Sadly enough, we’ve all realised that reality isn’t that simple and that’s hard for me to accept… I just can’t realise how you can consciously cheat in that kind of tournaments and still looking at yourself in a mirror.

Now, about VALVE : In my point of view, Yes, they did a mistake reacting the way they did. I mean that they should have communicated with us way more than they actually did. That’s the first main problem. Ofcourse blaming them is easy and I totally understand that they tried to handle this situation in the most effective way. As my team had a „confirmed cheater“ I can’t really complain about anything, consequences are logical. But there comes a second yet very frightening problem… Their quick (over)reaction, banning EPSILON and Titan from DH :W led to a complicated situation ; What if other teams have players that used/use this program ? I have to tell you, I could reach contact with someone in touch with this « supex0 » guy and he confirmed me that many other players bought this program. So what now ? Ofcourse these are all suppositions but I sincelery don’t think that only 3 players (smn, kqly and sf) bought this program. I have 3 hypothesis ; 1) The 3 players really were the only users, they got banned, and the CSGO Scene is pure now (I hardly believe it but it might be). 2) Other players used it and will be banned soon, which will cause a major blow to DreamHack Winter. 3) Valve know other players used it, but will delay the consequences in order to protect Dreamhack, and that would be a terrific situation, as you all understand why… Titan (as an organisation) actually lost hundreds of thousands dollars in this situation, and if there were to be other teams with cheaters that would be banned after DH :W due to that very program… I can’t even think about it, the consequences would simply be impossible to imagine…

Finally, about my team. Let me tell you something ; Eventho i’ve been really sad in the last couple of days about this situation, I have NEVER BEEN SO MOTIVATED. On Wednesday I’ll finally regather with my team at the gaming house and my only objective will be to help my teammates so that we can reborn from our ashes. It’s never been in my personality to feel like « a victim ». Such difficult event make the binds betweens individuals tighter and stronger. If we can pull us through, the other teams will have to fear us, cause our motivation and our voluntee will have no limits. Yes we’re in a dark situation. Yes we will miss probably the biggest event of the year. But we will fight and come back stronger, that, I can promise you. We will first focus on ESEA with our coach ioRek as 5th and then we will have some times to think about the future and figure out the best solution for us.

Thanks for your endless support, it’ll help us survive this dramatic event…