x6tence have announced that Óscar “mixwell” Cañellas has left their team with immediate effect.

The news comes as a huge surprise as Óscar “mixwell” Cañellas had signed for x6tence just two weeks ago, when the Spanish organisation announced what was perhaps their most ambitious lineup ever, featuring Balkan duo Anel “NENO” Ceković and Nemanja “k1Ng0r” Bošković.

Without a single official match to their name yet, the team have taken a hard blow as Cañellas has decided to embark on a new project after receiving an “irrefutable” offer.

mixwell exits x6tence

This leaves x6tence with just a four-man lineup, with team captain Antonio “FlipiN” Rivas del Rey stressing that they are already in talks with potential replacements for the former Epsilon member.

“We now know we were wrong to sign mixwell, since the initial plan was for us to stick together for a long time,” Rivas del Rey said.

“Without time, it is hard to develop teamplay and to improve communication. This was a bad news, but we will stick together and we will move forward.”

x6tence currently have the following players:

Antonio “FlipiN” Rivas del Rey
 David “Kairi” de Miguel
 Anel “NENO” Ceković
 Nemanja “k1Ng0r” Bošković