We have long been looking for an opportunity to expand and go back to where our journey started in the Counter-Strike universe.

Today, we proudly announce that we have signed the former Gplay.bg lineup, led by Emiliqn ‘spyleadeR’ Dimitrov. We are more than happy to have Emiliqn and his teammates joining our family, not only due to players of such devotion and determination being scarce in the scene, but also because they have long been friends of the E-Frag.net family.

Nikolay ‘nkl’ Krustev, E-Frag.net Esports Club’s rifler, has said the following:

It has been half a month since we left Gplay.bg and were in a search for a new home. We had some really exclusive and solid offers from big names in the eSports. Why did we choose E-Frag? Because we know the guys who are in the core of the organisation for a really really long time, which means that they have our complete trust! We will give our best to continue competing on a professional top-level and make you, our fans, happy with our games. We would like thank Mak1, availer and the whole staff of E-Frag.net for the opportunity and trust they gave us.

Mortal Kombat will from now on rock E-Frag.net jerseys

E-Frag.net’s Mohamed ‘availer’ Zirdab, would like to share a statement as well:

Excited is an understatement, we’re elated to have been given the opportunity to support such a fantastic five. Recently they’ve shown potential to be a top team and with their drive and relentless practice I believe they will reach that potential. We’re here, not to build a team, but to build upon what they have achieved and create a team brand that reflects the ethos of these five Bulgarians. Hard work, dedication, respect and good ethics, morals that we hold dear to ourselves and that we hope our fans will as well. You can’t believe how incredible these guys are and how lucky we are to be chosen by them to represent and support them. A massive thanks to our partners, or I’d rather say, our friends over at hitbox.tv who have continued to support us. Like them, we’re a small team with a big heart.

This means that these five outstanding players will represent E-Frag.net in the future matches:

Emiliyan ‘spyleadeR’ Dimitrov
Nikolay ‘nkl’ Krustev
Kamen ‘bubble’ Kostadinov
Viktor ‘v1c7oR’ Dyankov
Simeon ‘dream3r’ Ganev

Source: Efrag