Natus Vincere came out victorious from their SLTV StarSeries XIII Finals grand final against EnVyUs 3-1 (16-14 de_cbble, 10-16 de_dust2, 16-4 de_overpass, 25-23 de_inferno).

The best-of-five grand final’s first map was to be Na`Vi’s first pick de_cbble, and it was Natus Vincere starting off well with three rounds in a row despite EnVyUs trying to forcebuy.

Soon after EnVyUs made it 6-4 in their favor with five in a row, as well as Vincent “Happy” Cervoni clutching a one-on-three, thanks to which the Frenchmen took three more with another one-on-one clutch by Cervoni.

The half ended at 9-6 in EnVy’s favor, combined with a second pistol-round win, as Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux took down four by himself. Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács and Egor “flamie” Vasilyev then combined for a two-on-three in the following forcebuy, setting off a three-round streak before EnVyUs broke it again thanks to ninja-like positioning by Cervoni who killed the planter only seconds before the timer ran out.

EnVyUs still had a very weak buy though, which again helped Na`Vi win three for three in return on the other side, making it 14n-13 in nV’s favor. With Kovács at the top of the scoreboard, Natus Vincere took all three remaining to win map one at 16-14.

GuardiaN had a 34-17 score in a 30-round de_cbble

EnVyUs indeed took revenge in the first half of de_dust2, as they got up to 5-0 before Natus Vincere responded with a single one solely thanks to Kovács’s fast reaction towards Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt at the back of plateau. The only other round the CIS-based squad got in the first half was due to another three-kill action by the Slovakian AWPer, making it 13-2.

It seemed like the second pistol round win was the last nail hammered in Na`Vi’s coffin on map two, but with a forcebuy victory, Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko and company started mounting a comeback. Eventually though EnVyUs picked two off at B to make it to seven map points. Soon after, with a desperate quad-AWP buy from Na`Vi thrown in, nV closed it out at 16-10, equalizing the series 1-1.

de_overpass was set to be map three, once again a pick of the home team, who also got off to a flying start with both the Terrorist pistol round and the first gunround, in which Teslenko killed all opponents in a four-on-four afterplant situation.

Natus Vincere kept breaking EnVyUs’ economy, especially after Richard “shox” Papillon won a one-on-three, and got all the way up to 11-1 before the DreamHack Winter 2014 champions started to risk, stacking bombsites for all three remaining rounds in the half.

Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev’s solo quad-kill on long practically broke all possibilities of a comeback, and that was soon confirmed after both anti-ecos, as well as a solid defence on the B bombsite by Kovács and Denis “seized” Kostin.

Impeccable Terrorist play on Overpass gave Na`Vi a 2-1 lead in the BO5 series

On de_inferno, EnVyUs were seemingly determined to repeat the previous map’s scoreline from their point of view, as they stormed onto a 9-0 streak following solid defences on the A bombsite, as well as Natus Vincere’s multiple spread-out rounds, where everyone died one by one.

Finally the home side calmed down and went back to their slow default play, ending up on the B bombsite with a set strategy, getting them a double entry into the B bombsite from Kostin.

Na`Vi sped things up afterwards and took another with a quick A push, combined with another two in the two rounds afterwards, making it 9-4. Yet another one from apartments didn’t work out that time around, as Schmitt and Papillon combined for five in pit before the half ended at 10-5.

What followed was a crazy string of forcebuys three times in a row going back and forth after Na`Vi snatched the pistol round, eventually making it 12-8 when Papillon stepped up with a very unlikely one-on-three only at three health-points in the one-on-one at the end.

shox confirmed his position as the Na`Vi-killer

Natus Vincere then read EnVyUs’ rotation perfectly, helping them get back and even it out at 13-13 after two split rounds between the two teams. EnVyUs then realized a weakness in the defences and with some more entries from Schmitt, his team was standing at two map points. A miraculous triple from Kostin in a split second down middle and Kovács’s double on long took the game to overtime.

EnVyUs started off with a 2-1 lead on the Terrorist side thanks to Cervoni’s one-on-three, but a couple of set strategies towards the B bombsite got Natus Vincere two as well for another overtime mr3 set.

Two first rounds were split between the teams, but as per usual with Teslenko’s team, the timer came back to haunt them despite Sukhariev’s flanking heroics in the last ten seconds.

Once again 2-1 on both sides took it to overtime number three before Na`Vi finally broke the curse and got all three rounds on the Counter-Terrorist side. Despite not being able to break nV’s defences on A, Natus Vincere could celebrate thanks to a three-on-four hold on the B bombsite on low health points for 25-23, 3-1.

SLTV StarSeries XIII Finals standings:

1. Natus Vincere – $22,000
2. EnVyUs – $12,000
3-4. GPlay – $5,500
3-4. FlipSid3 – $5,500
5. Gamers2 – $2,500
6. HellRaisers – $2,500