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Sofias Änglar (‘Sofia’s Angels’) is a Swedish take on Extreme Home Makeover where the viewer gets to follow TV-personality Sofia Wistam as she travels across Sweden alongside celebrity carpenters Johnnie Krigström and Mattias Särnholm, helping people in need with practicalities, making their lives a bit easier. The show’s 4th season premiered on Swedish Kanal 5 August 31st and NiP-gaming were given the opportunity to contribute to its first episode.

Sofia and her crew sets out for southern Sweden where, in the locality of Hyllinge, they meet up with a family still mourning the loss of their oldest son, Marcus, who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident four years ago. The family’s entire basement, where several of its member’s bedrooms are located, is in dire need of renovation due to mould damage. The show introduces us to Kalle, youngest of four, and his three sisters. Situated on the house’s ground floor, Kalle’s bedroom is not affected by the renovation.

The cast decides to put together something special for Kalle, who, as luck would have it, is an avid gamer.
In collaboration with NiP, the cast surprises Kalle by hooking him up with a mousepad signed by the CS:GO-roster, a keyboard used during DreamHack Winter 2014, a NiP-beanie bag and plenty of other goodies.

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We feel honored having been given the opportunity to help out and are looking forward to seeing you shred some CS:GO with your new gear, Kalle!

The episode can be seen here (The link will take you to