Former HellRaisers and FlipSid3 Tactics member talent Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev has officially linked up with a new team called Evolution.

The Ukrainian hot-shot made headlines last week when he confirmed that he was stepping down from FlipSid3 Tactics’ active roster after publicly criticising his team-mates for making what he described as basic mistakes.

At the time, Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev stated that he was taking a break from competitive gaming and revealed he would take the time off to learn how to better communicate in a team.

s1mple links up with former A-Gaming team-mates arch and Cyberfocus

However, just 48 hours later he was seen playing for a brand new team called Players alongside former A-Gaming team-mates Roman “CyberFocus” Dergach and Vladislav “arch” Svistov in the qualifier for the GameAgents League, beating Contra Omnia by a 2-1 scoreline.

Kostyliev has now stated to that everyone on the team is taking the project seriously and that he expects great things from his side.

“After I left FlipSid3, I really wanted to take a break, but then I realised that what I really needed was something new and that I could not just take a break from competitive Counter-Strike,” he told

“So I decided to build a team I could be happy with, and I am very pleased that I have put together such a lineup. I have played with all of them before, and now we are all together!

“We will try very hard to become one of the best teams out there. We know it will take some time, but we will work very hard.”

Evolution now have the following CS:GO team:

Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev
Vladislav “arch” Svistov
Ilya “fix” Golovko
Roman “CyberFocus” Dergach
Sergey “spaz” Skrypchik

Source: HLTV