In our third interview of the day, Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas talks about’s disappointing loss to mousesports and the matches ahead of them. were the victims of the first upset at Gfinity Summer Masters I today, as after a very even performance on de_cbble, mousesports took their opposition by storm and closed de_cache out comfortably.

We tried to find out what went wrong in the match from Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas’s point of view and how the team is going to prepare for the match tomorrow.

You were the favourites going into the match with mousesports, what were your expectations? What made you stumble?

I don’t know, we just played terrible. We showed a bad performance and we got punished for it. I think there is nothing to say more about it. They played good and we played bad, usually when one team plays good and the second plays bad, the one that plays good wins (chuckles).

I guess we underestimated them a bit, maybe we didn’t prepare enough, warm up. We will see tomorrow, if we lose 0-2 tomorrow, then it means we are just very bad. But if we manage to qualify for the next stage, it means that we just had a bad game today.

TaZ reckons just had an off-game against mousesports

How are you trying to overcome that mindset right now, are you just going to settle down, try to relax or are you trying to work out your mistakes that you did today? How will you prepare for tomorrow?

I think all of us know that we played bad Counter-Strike, that we didn’t perform tactic-wise and aim-wise. Tomorrow we just need to go with a strong mindset, how good we are, just perform at the level we can and stop playing like garbage.

Which team would you rather face, EnVyUs or Cloud9?

Oh, it doesn’t matter for us, we need to win two games now, so whoever we face, we need to win.