Team list for FACEIT finals complete

All eight participants for the FACEIT League finals have been determined following tonight’s round of European matches.

FACEIT League’s European division will finish only next week, after return home from their appearance at the ESEA Finals, but the Polish team can afford to slip up in their final four matches as, in the event of a three-way tie between themselves, Team SoloMid and Titan, the Frenchmen are the ones that will be left frustrated due to having the worst head-to-head record of the trio.

Ninjas in Pyjamas are likely to finish the season in first place with a 10-4 record, while the second place is expected to be contested between Na`Vi, who are hot on the heels of their title-winning campaign at the ESL Pro League finals, and

NiP topping the European division but could still be leapfrogged by

Rounding out the list of participants for the offline finals will be fnatic, who performed below expectations in the league but still should not be counted out for the main event, and the aforementioned Team SoloMid.

The offline finals of the FACEIT League will take place from May 1-3 inside the company’s studio, in London, with the following eight teams in attendance:

Immunity  Team Liquid
eLevate  NiP
 Na`Vi  fnatic  Team SoloMid

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