Team SoloMid won the Alienware Area 51 Cup #2 after seeing off Team Kinguin 2-1 (16-9 on de_mirage, 14-16 on de_overpass and 16-8 on de_cache.

The second edition of the Alienware Area 51 Cup, hosted by Curse together with ESEA, saw a last-minute change to the list of participants as dignitas stepped in for mousesports, who withdrew from the tournament.

The four-team cup kicked off with an all-Danish clash between Team SoloMid and dignitas, with the CCS champions confirming their status as heavy favorites as they moved past their fellow countrymen by a 2-1 scoreline. The other semi-final had a surprising outcome as Team Kinguin, who have been struggling to get the basics right, beat on two maps.

TSM continue their hot streak

A flying start from TSM in the grand final on de_mirage saw the Danes string several rounds together, but that did little in the way of impressing Kinguin, who picked themselves up and finished the half up 8-7. As CT, however, Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s men were simply far too hot to handle as they dropped just one round before sealing a 16-9 victory.

The map that followed was de_overpass, where Kinguin were in the driving seat during the first half as they stormed to a 14-1 lead. Viewers who expected Alexander “SKYTTEN” Carlsson’s men to quickly wrap things up were surprised to see TSM close the gap little by little, but the Danes ended up falling short in the final round.

The decider map was de_cache, and here TSM were in control for most of the game as they quickly claimed a 16-8 success after picking up 11 rounds on the CT side.

Alienware Area 51 Cup #2 final standings:

1. Team SoloMid – $7,000
2.  Team Kinguin – $3,000
3-4.  dignitas