TSM defeat EnVyUs 2-0 (16-9 on de_cache and 16-13 on de_dust2) in the online Counter Pit League and take a small measure of revenge over their recent defeat to the Frenchmen at DreamHack Open London.

The grand final of the Counter Pit League, a $50,000 online league which has played out over the course of the past four months, lined up two recent offline rivals, EnVyUs and TSM. The format was a best-of-three, with EnVyUs only needing one map due to the team coming from the upper bracket and possessing a one map advantage.

With EnVyUs having scored closely fought victories at DreamHack Open London, ESL One Cologne, and IEM Gamescom over TSM, the pressure was on the Danes to try and anti-strat the French lineup who had so often gotten the better of them.

EnVyUs did have the disadvantage of playing on wireless hotspot internet due to the fiber network still being installed at their new gaming house, however the match generally proceeded without any networking problems.

The device show was in full effect at the CPL final

TSM got their assault started on de_cache and finished 10-5 at the half, with star player Nicolai “device” Reedtz refusing to cough up an inch of his fragging loot to the skill-laden nV lineup. As a result, the Danes closed off the map with a 16-9 victory.

TSM started on the CT side on de_dust2 as well, and once again put up a commendable 11-4 defensive half. Despite nV’s best intentions to defend equally well or better, TSM kept the ball rolling on their Terrorist half and closed out the map and the series with a 16-13 win.

Counter Pit League final standings:

1. TSM – $23,750
2. EnVyUs – $10,750
3. Virtus.pro – $7,500
4. Na`Vi – $4,000
5-6. FlipSid3 – $2,000
5-6. PENTA – $2,000
7-8. mousesports
7-8. Gamers2

Source: HLTV.org