win ESEA S18 Global Finals overcame fnatic in the first best-of-three series 2-1 (16-14 de_season, 9-16 de_inferno, 16-13 de_cache) to win ESEA Invite Season 18 Global Finals and $70,000.

Starting off on de_season, kicked things off with a nearly flawless Terrorist side, as they switched sides at 12-3. fnatic survived the first five rounds and closed the deficit to four only, but soon found themselves down 15-10.

Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer then picked up an amazing one-on-four to save fnatic from going down 0-1 in the first best-of-three, and helped them get to 13-15 with a triple in a two-on-three. One eco from later, the Swedes finally gave in due to a crossfire from Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas and Paweł “byali” Bieliński for a 16-14 win.

The second map of the first series, de_inferno, went much better for fnatic in the beginning – at least after the map restart due to a caster accidentally dropping a kit for, helping them win the first round.

With Jesper “JW” Wecksell’s quad-kill and a one-on-two in the pistol, fnatic went up 3-0 before climbed back with four rounds in a row in the bag. The Swedes’ aggression was too much to handle though, as Markus “pronax” Wallsten’s squad got to play as Counter-Terrorists with a good three-round lead at 9-6. win their second title of the year

Despite losing the second pistol, a response in the following round opened doors wide open for them, as they only let three rounds slip away also partly thanks to Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson’s quad-kill at 12-9, helping fnatic tie the first series at 1-1.

Map three was set to be de_cache, and it was taking a quick 7-1 lead as Counter-Terrorists this time around. Slowly but surely, fnatic started climbing back to have a chance on the other side, as they exchanged the next four rounds evenly before taking all three remaining for 6-9.

The second pistol round evened things out at 9-9 for fnatic, and a couple of gunrounds extended their run to six before took a stand. With three rounds in a row for Wojtas and company, the score was even yet again at 12-12.

Problems with money didn’t help things for the Swedish side, as another two gunrounds in the bag for put them on a very desperate buy, which was the last nail in fnatic’s coffin.

ESEA Invite Season 1..

ESEA Invite Season 18 Global Finals standings:

1. – $70,000
2. fnatic – $25,000
3. Titan – $15,000
4. mousesports – $10,000
5-6. CLG – $7,000
5-6. Nihilum – $7,000
7-8. Cloud9 – $5,000
7-8. Luminosity – $5,000

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