CS:GO Legends Series will continue on Monday, September 8th with the current holders Virtus.pro taking on challengers fnatic in a best-of-five clash for $1,000.

The first edition of CS:GO Legends Series took place on Monday when Virtus.pro managed to defeat NiP in a grueling 3-2 series that came down to the wire.

The next edition will see the Poles remain in contention for another $1,000, while they will face a new challenger in form of recently crowned SLTV StarSeries X champions fnatic.

Same as last week, the series will be played best-of-five maps with the ESL One Cologne map pool.

Monday, September 8th

18:00 Virtus.pro vs. fnatic (Bo5)

The two teams are continuing their battles on all fronts, as both are also currently taking part in ESEA Invite Season 17, as well as FACEIT League where they will meet on Wednesday on de_cache.