Stian “centeks” Ledal, formerly of AGENT, has put together a new lineup called WestCoastPirates, featuring three Norwegians, a Czech and a Briton.

A new lineup led by Stian “centeks” Ledal, who hasn’t been a part of a promising lineup for over a year, has come to life with some of the Norwegian’s former teammates from his home country.

The new squad features Kristian “mICROVAN” Nyborg, with whom Ledal has played in Xapso at the beginning of 2014, as well as Vegard “yakin” Halvorsen, formerly of Expert Gaming.

centeks a part of an active lineup once more

Surprisingly, the remaining duo is from outside of Scandinavia, one being Ricardo “CRMJ” Costa, who has last been seen donning Team CRG’s colors, and the other David “KAPARZO” Lacina, who left nEophyte earlier this year due to personal reasons.

The team has been practising together for the last month, as is better explained in Costa’s statement below:

“We are a core of players which know each other very well from previous teams. For like a year now we have been just playing for nothing, but 1 month back we wanted to create a team. Practice is looking good and we feel confident about our future as a team.” Costa told

“Attending and participating in everything is our goal, but to reach that we must continue to practise hard. Since we got experience together from former teams, this will make it easier for us to continue as a team. We are currently without a org but again that will come in time along with our success.”

WestCoastPirates are:

Stian “centeks” Ledal
Vegard “yakin” Halvorsen
Kristian “mICROVAN” Nyborg
Ricardo “CRMJ” Costa
David “KAPARZO” Lacina

The team are currently on the lookout for a new organization, interested parties can contact Ledal at