DotA, one of the most popular games in the world, became a subject at university in China!
Hundreds of hours of struggle heroes who are trying to overthrow the opponent’s throne for many seem vain cast time, but those who participate in these fights now have a strong argument in their hands.

Conking College of Energy is offering its students a course entitled “The development of e-sports and analysis DotA”, during which analyzes the strategies of players in DotA and apply them in the real world.

Courses related to e-sports students show a particular way of thinking, a sense of determination and coordination which remains irreplaceable when young people enter the business world.
For the course, which is designed for 90 students, there is great interest, and more than 200 people appeared on every lecture.
Otherwise, the reports did not mention whether the study Dota 2 ,which stands behind Valve or just an old mod for Warcraft III.

Here’s DotA2 official Gamescom trailer: