After visiting London with the EU LCS last June, we decided to return to a roaring crowd for our 2015 World Championship – Quarterfinals at the SSE Arena, Wembley. Eight teams will have survived the Group Stage and will face-off at Quarters to make it one step closer to World Championship glory.

Here’s the important information that you need to snag your seat at Quarters below:


Q: When do Quarterfinals tickets go on sale?
Tickets will go on sale July 15 at 8:00am PDT / 5:00pm CEST via AXS.

Q: How much are tickets?
A: Tickets are £29.75 / €41.95/ $46.26* for the floor seats, £18.75 / €26.44 / $29.15* for lower bleacher seats, and £13.75 / €19.39 / $21.28* for upper bleacher seats, plus applicable fees. All ticket prices will be listed in GBP on AXS.

*Prices listed in USD and EUR are estimates based on current conversion rates and are subject to change.

Q: Can you confirm the final prices after fees and taxes?
A: Fees vary based on the individual buyer since you might need to pay taxes based on your location. Fees also vary on how you decide to receive your ticket such as e-ticket, will call, mailing, etc. Find out more information on AXS.

Q: What languages are available on AXS?
A: English and Swedish.

Q: How many days are my ticket(s) good for?
A: One ticket gets you a seat at one day of the event.

Q: I want to go to multiple days of the event. Can I buy a ticket package?
A: There’s no multi-day ticket package available. You’ll have to purchase your tickets individually for each day.

Q: Are seats assigned? I want to sit with my friends.
A: If you want to sit with your friends, buy tickets together. Seats are assigned for every ticket.

Q: How many tickets can I purchase at once?
A: Six tickets may be purchased per order.

Q: Are tickets refundable or can I exchange them?
A: Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Q: Will there be more tickets in August?
A: There will be extremely limited quantities released in August based on our final production setup. If you want to guarantee a seat at Quarters in London, we suggest not waiting until August since we cannot guarantee availability after the initial wave of Quarters tickets coming on July 15.

Q: When in August will more tickets go on sale?
A: We’ll confirm the small batch of tickets for August timing in the coming weeks once we’ve finalized our production plans for all the venues.

Q: When will tickets for other Worlds events (Semis, Finals, etc.) be released?
A: Head on over to our 2015 World Championship ticket guide for more information:

  • Group Stage tickets are currently sold out
  • Semifinals on July 22
  • Finals on July 29

Venue and Event Details

Q: Where is the The SSE Arena, Wembley?
A: Arena Square, Engineers Way, London HA9 0AA, United Kingdom (Google Maps)

Q: What’s the best way to get to Wembley?
A: Whether you’re taking public transportation or your own car, head on over to Transportation section of The SSE Arena, Wembley website for everything that you need to know about getting to the venue.

Q: When does Quarters start on each day?
A:Quarters matches begin at the following times:

  • October 15: 5 PM BST
  • October 16: 5 PM BST
  • October 17: 2 PM BST
  • October 18: 2 PM BST

Q: When do doors open at Quarters?
A: Doors open at the following times:

  • October 15: 4 PM BST
  • October 16: 4 PM BST
  • October 17: 1 PM BST
  • October 18: 1 PM BST

Q: Will there be other events (cosplay, merch, etc) at Quarters?
A: We’re still working on our final plans so we’ll confirm when we we get closer to the event. Cosplayers are always welcome to attend any esports event.

Q: What language will the live commentary of the event be in at the Quarters?
A: Live commentary in London will be in English.

Q: Will there be radios with other languages available?
A: We’ll have options to listen with other languages available.

Matches and Format

Q: What games are being played on which day?
A: The Quarters schedule will be released after the Group Stage. Please be advised that you might not see some regions play on certain days based on how the group compositions end up.

Q: What is the format of Quarters?
A: Matches will be Best of 5s.

Grab your ticket on July 15 to catch all the epic clashes on the Rift and see what teams will continue their journey toward the Summoner’s Cup at Semifinals in Brussels. We’ll share more information about Semifinals tickets on Monday, July 20.