The FACEIT Pro League was involved in an incident late last night, which has resulted in us Justin ‘Justin’ Roselle being banned from the league, and us Mark ‘Tralf’ Seidl being left to the mercy of fellow players to decide whether he can continue competing. The stream sniping incident came to light after it was made apparent that Justin could be overheard on ixMike’s stream giving information about the enemy team during a pause.
The conversation between the pair during an FPL game on ixMike’s stream went as follows:

Tralf: “Is he streaming, did his stream go down?”
Justin: “He wasn’t streaming. (silence). Ok stream sniping guys(sound of typing), alright checking their wards let’s see what they got. They got nothing, they got one in our base.”
Tralf: “Consider it countered.”

The incident has resulted in Justin’s being banned and with only 5 days until the end of the season it is very poor time to be caught stream sniping, especially considering that if he kept his second place in the division he would have won $1,000. According to Mikey from FACEIT, Ixmike banned Justin straight after the game ended.

Justin was 2nd in the division, if he kept his place he would have won $1,000

FACEIT have also decided that there may be consequences for Tralf as well. As far as they are concerned his comments although perhaps sarcastic are considered “participation”. He was also issued a ban, although it is temporary, pending a decision from the “council”, an anonymous collection of the most respected players in the league who will decide whether he can stay or not.

FACEIT prides itself on a “tribal system” in which the players run the league, and can decide amongst themselves to punish a player if they consider him toxic or troublesome. Proof of this can be seen in an incident we reported on a few months ago, where us Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho challenged us Eric ‘747 / Suzy’ Dong to a “1on1 unvouch match” to resolve a dispute that happened in a previous match.

Despite the current situation us Mark ‘Tralf’ Seidl claimed innocence and posted the following:

I didn’t realize that my sarcastic tone came across as serious – I was asking first if Arteezy was streaming, because I didn’t know why he dc’d and thought if he DC’d from lag that his stream would be down. It was Justin who said Demon was streaming – yes I did say “consider it countered” but I was completely joking and I never countered it nor was that information pertinent at all. (…)
Segment of Tralf’s reaction to the incident on Reddit

It is not the kind of publicity the FPL needs with them so close to the end of the season, and FACEIT’s Mikey shared his feelings on the incident:

You can read the FPL’s official standpoint on the incident here.