Prolific TI interviewer and one of the brains behind ESEX, Ken “Hot_Bid” Chen, posted a blog earlier today that he will be moving to California to work full-time for ESL starting from September. The American, who was worked for Valve as their interviewer at the last Internationals as well as at numerous other events including DAC and The Summit, will be stepping back from interviewing in the future.

77663He has been the window in the hearts and minds of many of our favourite players time and time again, not just in the Dota 2 world but also in the Starcraft universe, but with the move comes changes to his role in the Dota 2 scene.

I’m going to be working fulltime for ESL in Burbank, CA starting in September. I fly out tomorrow. I’ll be doing creative work and direction for their events and other projects. I felt like its the time in my life to be ambitious and work on some big stuff, so here I go.

Hot_Bid wrote in his blog that as a result of his new full-time position, he will be stepping down as head editor of ESEX, leaving editing duties to co-founder SirJolt, as well as calling time on a very successful career as an interviewer.

I am taking a step back from being an interviewer at events. I think it’s time.
I never thought that people would actually enjoy watching me have a conversation with random progamers as much as they did, and I’m so glad and lucky to be part of the official Valve TI production two years in a row.
Although, he did say he’d be interested in organising the TI Qualifier Hub should it ever be organised again the future. You can read his full blog post on Team Liquid.