Vici Gaming were on the receiving end of a 3-0 defeat in the Grand Finals of i-League earlier today, as  LGD Gaming took their second title in the space of three days, having come out on top of the Mars TV 2015 Chinese League on Thursday. As Ti5 approaches, it is a good sign for  Zhang ‘xiao8’ Ning , who returned to his former team having won TI4 with Newbee.

LGD coach Mikasa commended Maybe’s improvements in recent months (Image: LGD Gaming)

LGD Gaming did have their work cut out for them in i-League after a 2-1 defeat to VG meant they had to come to the Grand Finals from the lower bracket. Luckily for LGD, the i-League did not adopt a format which gave the team from the winner’s bracket a 1-0 start in the Grand Final, making LGD’s $210,000 3-0 victory even more noteworthy.

Vici Gaming have had a bumpy few weeks, with two shock defeats to Empire at D2CL Season V costing them a 1st place, and losses to Secret and EG in the Summit 3 robbing them of a top 2 finish. Alongside Secret and EG, Vici Gaming are clearly a top3 team in the world, and a 3-0 defeat on home soil for them will be a shock.

Xiao8 and LGD Gaming also managed a fourth place the Summit 3 last weekend (BeyondTheSummit)

Vici Gaming and LGD Gaming aside, the main attraction was TI5 winning Newbee, who had not competed on LAN since their horrific DAC performance in February. Their i-League performance showed signs of life in the Newbee camp, managing a 2-0 win over Team Malaysia and more importantly Invictus Gaming. However, they had to settle for fourth place after losing to Team Malaysia in their second encounter, but a top4 finish will be seen as progress for a team many have now written off.

The i-League Season 3 LAN Finals featured a total of eight teams, but Alliance and Team Malaysia were the only non-Chinese teams after Mousesports withdrew just ahead of the event. Team Malaysia’s finish was a substantial one as they finished 3rd in the competition, compared to Alliance who only place 5-6th in a tournament that should have been their calling card.


LGD win tie-breaker for Chinese League title and spot in main event

LGD Gaming also came out on top of the MarsTV 2015 China League, with the online stage finally coming to an end after two weeks of online competition. The League was without a few of the big names of Chinese Dota 2 including VG and iG, but still had some stiff competition in EHOME, HGT, CDEC and Newbee. LGD came out of the 8-team groupstage tied for first place with EHOME, with both teams having a record of 11-3.

LGD won the bo1 tie-breaker, whilst Newbee lost out to CDEC in the decider for third place. LGD took home over $32,000 for the online competition. The victory for LGD also gives them an invite to the main MarsTV event scheduled for the second week of June.