The fourth season of Red Bull Battle Grounds tournament has been announced with a $75,000 base prize pool. With 20 teams invited, we will be seeing big teams with the likes of Team Secret as well as Cloud 9 set to compete in the event. They will battle it out for their place in the grand final in San Francisco!


Teams including pe Not Today and ru Asus Polar are set to be distributed into five different groups of four, and will battle it out in each group to see who can qualify to the play-offs, where the winners of each group will meet at the Red Bull eSports Studio in Santa Monica, CA. The winners will collide in the The Warfield Theatre on May 10th to compete for their share of the $75,000 base prize pool.

The Group stages are set to begin on the 30th March and matches are set to be weekly from there on out until April 18th. The playoffs will be held from the 5th May until the 7th May
with the grand final set for the 10th May.


Not only will the Grand Finals be a B05, but will also feature an All-Star match where you can pick your favourite players to compete against another. Teams invited to this prestigious event include:

Teams Invited
Teams invited from China are yet to be released, but can be expected to be announced shortly.