With the release of Immortal Treasure II chest the Compendium sales have risen significantly. The release has boosted The International 5 prize pool past the $10,000,000 mark after only 29 days. What does that mean? More hats! In the end, with big prize pools come even greater responsibilities.

Just days after the release of the second Immortal chest the prize pool has surged it’s way past $10 million to bring us the 14th unlocked goal which gives Compendium owners the next Immortal quality items. Valve has already teased an item for Zeus, but what will the others be?

The Dota 2 community has been busy snooping around and the next set of hats might be for heroes such as Meepo, as teased from art in the Compendium, Kunkka and Nature’s Prophet. Like previously, there will be 7 items with a normal drop rate, 1 item that drops rarely, and an ultra-rare item in gold, altogether 9 new items to look forward to.

The most important question is still this: Has Valve already polished the third set of immortals?

Boasting the Biggest Prize Pool of Esports

The second Immortals are out and the prize pool had a booming rise as a result of people wanting more and more chests to complete their collection of Compendium items. Have a look at the current state of the prize pool! (click on the graph for a bigger picture)

TI4 and TI5 prize comparison on prztrckr by Cyborgmatt

Year after year the Dota 2 community outdoes itself and gives The International bigger and bigger prize pools. Looking at the comparison graph one can see that the prize money this year is predicted to go past last years, at this pace, in just mere weeks.

The International has definitely been a hallmark of tournaments — being dubbed as the tournament of all tournaments each year in the Esports scene. Looking at other titles, it’s definitely the biggest, casting a shadow on many:

League of Legends, currently biggest prize pool from 2014 World Championship: $2,130,000,

Smite, currently biggest prizepool from 2015 World Championsip: $2,612,259.00,

Call of Duty, currently biggest prize pool from 2013 CoD World Championship: $1,000,000.00

and many others.

This all could change with the introduction of the Majors. Valve has only officially said what the Majors are, but no word about how they are being handled and who they are going to be organised by. Is the next The International’s prize pool going to “suffer”? Knowing that the first upcoming Major event is being held already this autumn, we might see a more stable scene, with smaller prize pools, but bigger overall winnings.

Making The International the end of the season event, instead of being the make-or-break tournament of the whole year, we will see a lot of the tournaments, including TI, going through some sort of restructuring. From distribution of the prize money to the format of longstanding events, there are many and big changes ahead!