The International 5 prize pool continues its ascent, now surpassing $13 million with just under two months still to go until the main event kick off. With big additions to the compendium in terms of in-game rewards, the prize pool sky-rocketed near the release of Immortal Chest II and especially the Collector’s Cache, which includes a 1 in 250 chance of the Faceless Rex courier.

Collector’s Cache responsible for the biggest spike so far

No it wasn’t Bamboe’s dancing skills or EGM’s charisma that made people invest heavily into the TI5 prize pool, surprise surprise it was hats, very shiny ones. The European TI5 open qualifiers which start on May 30th also happened to coincide with the release of the delayed $7 million stretch goal the Immortal Chest II.

The Collector’s Cache features sets for a whole host of heroes

The Immortal Chest III was unlocked at $10 million and should be released shortly, but so far the Collector’s Cache that was the most welcomed by Dota 2 fans and which has helped the prize pool increase by approximately $2.6 million in just under a week. There still remain two stretch goals, and with Immortals III likely to have a similar if not even better impact than its predecessor, we could be looking at surpassing $15 million in the next few weeks.

Two stretch goals left